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100% ¡Exquisite Liqueur!

¿From what? ¡From Cheese!

Yes, made from cheese. It’s unique in the whole world, the first one, but for sure not the last one.


Vega Dania

Vega dania is the last creation of this family-run business with over 18 years of experience and more than 50 products in the market. It’s a verstalie product which you can pair with desserts, cocktails or coffees. It’s the best way to end up a meal providing a sweet flavour, soft but dry taste.

Artisanal product

It’s a gourmet product, elaborated in an artisanal way, using high-quality, natural ingredients, without additives, a part from being gluten-free.


A harmonious and drink with very special touches that cannot be achieved in any other; an aroma of fresh cheese and caramel delights.
It’s recommended to shake before serving and serve it very cold.



It can be an ideal complement to a multitude of cocktails or incorporate it as a main ingredient of the same, everything is imagination. Se puede servir solo, con copa y hielo o combinado con postres o cafés.


Our liquor is distributed in specialized centers, gourmet stores and through different online platforms. In addition you can buy directly from our website.

Get it today!

Don’t wait more! Get a bottle of soft cream cheese liqueur and surprise your guests.

What format do you prefer?

Our Soft Cheese Cream liqueur VEGA DANIA comes in two formats, a 50 cl container and a 70 cl container. Each product can be sold individually or in a box of 6 units.
The shipping cost is the same for a unit as for a box.

If you are a professional of the sector or distributor of gourmet products, we have an offer for you.


Our liquor Soft Cream Cheese VEGA DANIA is fashionable! Stay tuned to our news channel.

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Vega dania